Small, but efficient: The digitized carpentry shop

The shop was too small for processing panels. Mario Esch was aggravated about two reversed numbers on an order to the cabinet supplier and completely revised the carpentry shop, resulting in a still small, but highly digitized shop.

[...] The size of the shop, the quantity produced and the requirements for lot sizes of 1, spoke in favor of a nesting solution. Mario Esch decided to purchase a Dynestic 7535 with Nextec 4.0 master computer from HOLZ-HER, because reference users confirmed the smooth and efficient data exchange with RSO. Moreover he needed a 5-axis machine to master all spatial situations and reduce the number of attachments. An important factor for him was the HOLZ-HER “Warehouse” production system developed for Nextec. In the Esch shop everything runs on his own server. This can be imagined as a large pot, which can be filled with virtual components generated with RSO for various orders and well as common production. Warehouse then optimizes the cutting plans, generates the nesting programs and labels with all instructions for production and outputs parts lists and order lists. Warehouse thus defines the sequence for production in the workshop and how panel stacks need to be arranged by the wood dealer.


An answer to each question: Paul Nightingale

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