HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 71 Series: Unlimited Possibilities for Machining Wood and Plastic

Just like deciding which model to choose when buying a new car - when purchasing a CNC machining center, users also have to decide which type of drive to select - 4-axis or 5-axis technology.

With its PRO-MASTER 71 series, HOLZ-HER offers all possible drive combinations. The two "sisters", the PRO-MASTER 7122 and the PRO-MASTER 7125, are distinguished by their extremely stable construction and state-of-the art design for control and drive technology. The basic version of the 71 series is already top quality with extensive equipment so that at the bottom line, it is only necessary to select the right number of controlled axes.

The 4-axis PRO-MASTER 7122 and the 5-axis PRO-MASTER 7125 have an enormous machining capacity with effective machining height of 210 mm - from the top of the suction cups.

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The PRO-MASTER 7125 opens up nearly unlimited possibilities to users for machining wood and plastic.

The high performance 5-axis machining center

  • Full Interpolating 5-Axis Head
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Highly Flexible Table Concepts
  • Tool Changer for Variable Machining
  • Extreme Acceleration Values
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CNC machining center PRO-MASTER 7122

Universal all rounders with four interpolating axes

Universal all rounders with four interpolating axes

  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Highly Flexible Table Concepts
  • Tool Changer for Variable Machining
  • Extreme Acceleration Values
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CNC and edgebanding for optimum results

HOLZHER customer reference Wieland from Gernsbach is satisfied with CNC and edge processing

The Wieland Carpentry Shop in Gernsbach is proud of its young, dynamic and competent team. In 2011 the carpentry shop decided to purchase an AURIGA 1308, from HOLZ-HER’s line of edgebanders. The AURIGA offers efficient and automatic processing of edging at a professional level while its compact design takes up minimum space in the shop.

Based on its positive experience with HOLZ-HER, the carpentry shop decided to invest in another HOLZ-HER machine in 2017. This machine was a 5-axis PRO-MASTER 7125 CNC machining center. This CNC machine offers virtually unlimited possibilities for machining wood, panels and synthetic materials. Above all, the mature dynamics of the gimbal mounted, 5-axis head distinguish this machine, making it perfect for meeting the demands of the carpentry shop.

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Good experience with HOLZ-HER CNC machine PROMASTER 7125 and edge banding machine Auriga 1308
Good experience with HOLZ-HER CNC machine PROMASTER 7125 and edge banding machine Auriga 1308
Good experience with HOLZ-HER CNC machine PROMASTER 7125 and edge banding machine Auriga 1308

Complete, integrated solutions from HOLZ-HER

Pulsar is a marketing agency seated in Dubai, and offering its customers holistic marketing concepts. The agency was founded in 2007 and has a regional as well as global presence with production capabilities in Dubai and Beirut.

The basic idea is to create brand awareness to win customers for a brand particularly at the point of sale. For this purpose the agency offers integrated marketing concepts, including everything customers require for comprehensive brand awareness ranging from shop design to digital marketing, events and promotions.

Since February 2016 the company has used machines from the quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER for production of high quality store furniture elements for the point of sale. A STORE-MASTER panel storage system was installed in combination with a DYNESTIC 7521 nesting machine and a TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw. Moreover the company operates successfully with a PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis CNC machining center as well as an ACCURA series edgebander from HOLZ-HER for realization of its innovative store concepts.

Among others Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Burberry and BMW are included among the highly satisfied clientele in the Arabian world, who are impressed by Pulsar’s promise of quality as a result of its investments in high quality production machines.

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Panel storage system, nesting machine, CNC and panel saw - the Pulsar Company is enthusiastic about its new HOLZ-HER machines
Satisfied HOLZHER reference customer from the Arabian Emirates
Satisfied HOLZ-HER customer: Pressure beam saw, storage solution, CNC machining, nesting

Caribbean Flair with high performance HOLZ-HER machines

HOLZ-HER reference customer in the Caribbean with edgebander, panel saw and CNC machining center

HOLZ-HER’s excellent reputation as a producer of high performance machines has reached the Caribbean. On the small Caribbean Island of Saint-Barthélemy, belonging to the lesser Antilles and included in the French overseas territories, the new production facilities built by the Carpentry Shop Gaylord Dessomme Ebenisterie d’Art has been equipped with machines from the Nürtingen machine manufacturer.

These machines include a PRO-MASTER 7125 Black Edition, distinguished particularly by the mature dynamics of its 5-axis gimbal-mounted head and high tech processor. In addition the carpentry shop now has an AURIGA 1308XL PUR Black Edition with three finishing attachments. A TECTRA 6120 classic pressure beam saw was also installed.

The Carpentry Shop Gaylord Dessomme Ebenisterie d’Art has specialized particularly in production of interior and exterior furniture and is now well equipped with its new HOLZ-HER machine park.

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Satisfied HOLZ-HER customer with Auriga 1308XL Black Edition edgebander
Satisfied HOLZHER customer with TECTRA 6120 classic horizontal panel saw
HOLZHER reference customer with Pro-Master 7125 Black Edition - the high performance CNC processing center

HOLZ-HER product portfolio as central production pillar

Binni is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Kosovo in the area of interior furnishings such as doors and windows. Over 200 employees work in a production area of 18,000 m2 with a capacity of more than 10,000 doors per year as well as over 5,000 kitchens per year. Every year more than 50 new product are introduced on the market. The company exports to various European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands.

Binni was founded in 1989 and represents the continuation of a family tradition. The business model combines traditional Albanian wood and furniture craftsmanship with innovative processes and technologies meeting international standards.

This international standard is guaranteed by use of highly varying HOLZ-HER machines, for a majority of the company’s production. In addition to two horizontal panel saws, the company uses a vertical EVOLUTION 7405 CNC and a PRO-MASTER 7125 CNC machining center. A SPRINT 1327 edgebander is also in use. The HOLZ-HER machines are a significant production factor, which have become indispensable for this major company’s everyday business.

The video pictured shows an except from Binni’s image video. The complete video can be view at the Binni Youtube Channel.

High quality Russian work supported by HOLZ-HER

HSR is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of furniture and interior furnishings. The company’s headquarters is in Khimki, located to the north of Moscow. From here the company manages seven other branch facilities in Russia. The range of materials to be processed is broad, going from solid wood, artificial stone and veneer to synthetics and laminate chipboard. This high quality Russian manufacturer focuses on production of equipment for offices and retail stores as well as residences and hotels.

In the area of furniture and interior furnishings HSR has made a name for itself and has more than enough well known references for proof. The company’s satisfied customers include LG, Swatch, Apple, Louis Vuitton and World Disney as well as Procter & Gamble. From planning to custom production the company supervises its customers, ensuring optimum quality from design to complete functionality.

For its precision, high quality work, the company uses machines form the Swabian quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER. The machines in use include a 5-axis PRO-MASTER CNC machining center and an AURIGA 1307 XL edgebander.

The video shown is an excerpt from an image video made by HSR. The complete video can be viewed at the HSR Company website at

The 5-axis machine from HOLZ-HER was an absolutely great decision

Reference 5-axis CNC Pro-Master 7125 from HOLZ-HER

Max’s Furniture Workshop is a carpentry shop specializing in construction of furniture and interior furnishings. Two years ago, the 10-man company managed by Maximilian Sammer took a step typical today: They invested in a machining center. In the meantime they know: “The 5-axis machine from HOLZ-HER was an absolutely great decision.”

Profitable production. After working with the Pro-Master 7125 for two years, Sammer is convinced today: “The decision we made was absolutely right”. In addition to daily work, this is demonstrated by special applications such as building solid wood shelves for wine bottles, produced in the form of a wooden disk with concave fillets centered around the middle. A cylinder in the center of the disk was drilled to fit the bottle necks. “The 5-axis machine allowed us to cut the individual concave fillets as well as produce the cylinder with a minimum of work”, explained Schwarzmeier. “With any other machine we would have needed an angle attachment again.”

In his opinion this is also one of the greatest advantages of the 5-axis machine: You save tools and angle attachments. As planned. And beside that the machining work is a great deal faster today. “We used to have to put a part through a machine with one tool three or four times. Today we do everything in one pass”, he asserted. “Production of parts, for which we had to construct templates, used to require a great deal of time. Today we have them finished in a wink of the eye. And the precision is even better!”

The higher performance of the machining center has allow Max to take a great step forward in the production of interior doors as well. “We don’t build standard doors, we provide custom solutions: flush with the wall, large surface, with Tectus hinges”, continued Sammer. “The 7125 makes it easy. And the handling is also greatly improved: We used to have to carry the door back and forth. Today we set it on the machine once. Then it is sanded and painted. Finished.”

In the meantime it is also considerably easier to produce parts damaged during installation or with flaws. “These parts are already programmed, so the 5-axis machine gives us a gigantic advantage”, confirmed Sammer. “All totaled, we produce our parts more profitably today. Previously, when we produced a kitchen on conventional machines, the follow-up calculation usually turned out very poor. Now with CNC our profitability has increased considerably.

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Reference customer Max's Furniture Workshop for Pro-Master 7125 CNC machining center

5-axis CNC machine: Maximum precision with HOLZHER

The company Ebert Schreinerei & CNC-Technik in Heilbronn has been a convinced HOLZ-HER customer for many years. Even before the carpentry shop started using the new PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis machining center in 2013, a 7123 CNC machine from HOLZ-HER was already in use.

This is one of the reasons why the present 5-axis CNC machine forms the basis for daily machining work on various materials.

At the Ebert Carpentry Shop the main work consists of milling, drilling, grooving and sawing to format. Another basic competency is setting angular cuts at the many required angles on the state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining center, which allows maximum machining precision. Examples are furniture parts, door fronts and shelves as well as complete cabinets. Moreover the CNC machine also allows production of samples. The carpentry shops range of work also includes generation of free shapes as well as interior and exterior radiuses with maximum geometric precision.

All series and single parts are produced on the 5-axis CNC machining center. Processing includes the following types of materials:

  • Wood materials
  • Solid wood
  • Composite materials
  • Mineral materials
  • Various plastics and synthetic materials

The CNC milling equipment ensures reproducibility and subsequent production at any time - an advantage the Ebert Carpentry Shop appreciates greatly.

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Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC 5-axis from HOLZ-HER - positive experience with CNC machining center
Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC - examples of work, wood processing
Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC - examples of work, wood processing, precision work

HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER with convincing features

HOLZ-HER reference Kindle Carpentry Shop in Lahr

Beginning immediately the Kindle Carpentry Shop in Lahr, Germany will use a PRO-MASTER 7125 from HOLZ-HER for its production.

The company produces residential furniture, kitchen and bathroom furnishings, stairs, windows, nursery school equipment and furnishings for commercial facilities and wine cellars and much more.

Craftsmanship at its highest level - is the company’s own objective which the Kindle Carpentry Shop has adhered to for over 80 years .

HOLZ-HER wished maximum success with the new machine.

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The HOLZHER STORE-MASTER at the Kindle Carpentry Shop

State-of-the-art wood processing with digital CNC technology

HOLZ-HER reference CNC Böhme Carpentry Shop

Politics as well as the chamber of commerce support innovate craftsmanship in Sachsen-Anhalt

State-of-the-art wood processing with digital CNC technology

Digital control for machining materials and in construction processes is advancing with increasing perfection. Particularly middle sized companies remain competitive and gain market advantages though use of CNC technology. This was demonstrated by the visit of Sachsen-Anhalt’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Hartmut Möllring, at the cabinetmaking shop of Rainer Böhme in Sangerhausen near Halle on January 20, 2016. Here politics and the chamber of commerce are cooperating in a common initiative to put public focus on innovative companies. The heart of production at Böhme is the PRO-MASTER 5-axis CNC machining center from HOLZ-HER.

The visit at the Böhme Cabinetmaking Shop was the kickoff to a series of events for strengthening all 14,700 handicraft business in the chamber region of Halle/Saale. One of the messages for the structurally weak, one-time mining region: Industry 4.0 leads to success in medium sized craft shops. An innovative spirit and good financial planning make the investment in CNC machining for derived timber products profitable very quickly.

“In the ever-tightening European competition, start-of-the-art technology secures advantages for companies; But the link between traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology in our crafts shops makes the decisive difference”, emphasized Thomas Keindorf, President of the Halle/Saale Chamber of Commerce. This is something Master Cabinetmaker Rainer Böhme has already recognized: “In the past few years we have examined the requirements of our customers precisely and determined that, in spite of IKEA and similar retailers, customers want personal consultation.“

Stylish, custom craftsmanship

Rainer Böhme’s Cabinetmaking Shop has a staff of twelve specializing in high standard interior finishing as well as construction and repair of staircases in addition to producing doors and windows. Here customers receive comprehensive consultation considering all aspects of preserving historically valuable features and other local stylistic elements - particularly in combination with restoration and other types of work in older homes. Investment in a digital machining center was particularly advantageous for such high quality areas with many custom requirements.

The final choice was a PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis CNC machining center from HOLZ-HER. This acquisition has made it possible completely digitize nearly all production processes today. The cabinetmaking shop - founded in 1993 on the grounds of a one-time shift installation for the local mining company - thus became a pioneer in the process of increasing digitization, which has had a tremendous impact on this traditional craft.

More powerful, faster all rounder with five axes

HOLZ-HER promises PRO-MASTER 7125 users “virtually unlimited capabilities” for machining wood and synthetic materials. And the performance spectrum of this 5-axis power package is laid out for higher-than-average loads. Highly dynamic drives and control technology go beyond simply brilliant results, providing users with extreme acceleration values - and all this on a machining surface with optional dimensions from 3,620 to 5,420 mm (X axis) and machining depth of 1,350 mm (Y axis), which can be reached with all drills and attachments. The working height of 210 mm from the top of the suction cups is enormous and, according to the manufacturer, unique in this class. The large Z stroke of 565 mm is extremely well suited for use of long tools making the cutter unit highly flexible for universal applications.

“Edge processing, grooving, cutting and drilling - for example in stair steps or risers - are all finished completely in one work process”, explained Martin Johannes Diebes. The master cabinetmaker at Böhme operates the PRO MASTER and writes the CNC programs. The “Campus” software package integrated into the PRO MASTER is a versatile and user-friendly CNC program licensed for use in the office as well as on the machine, with CAD module and versatile macros to facilitate programming. Furniture parts as well as construction elements such as doors and windows can be programmed easily including all parameters with just a few mouse clicks.

Optimum cutting results at maximum speed

The version of the “CabinetControl” software provided by HOLZ-HER for use in the office as well as on the machine, ensures easy design of cabinets and everything else imaginable. And even the standard version of Campus with the “Academy” module offers a complete CAD program. The Campus software also offers an open interface for connection to other three-dimensional CAD/CAM programs from other leading manufacturers as well as complex 5-axis machining operations. The optional “CURVE-3D performance package” ensures optimum dynamics, best cutting results and maximum machining rates for cutting curves and three-dimensional shapes.

The Böhme Cabinetmaking Shop works with special staircase construction software from the DDX Company. For staircase work a digital measuring system is also used, allowing the data to be processed directly by the design software. “This saves us a great deal of complicated work at the construction site with templates and such”, Rainer Böhme reminisces on previous times. Digital production made it possible for us to complete a luxurious spiral staircase in a public building in Cologne with platforms and a total of 60 steps in only three weeks.

Three-dimensional process simulation

When producing individual components such as stairs or risers, the CNC processing steps an be checked with the PRO MASTER in advance on the large 19” monitor using three-dimensional process simulation. An automatic positioning feature for the consoles takes care of the preparation work for the machine table and provides additional operational reliability. An optional ceiling laser allows the position of all suction cups to be displayed in one step for optimum fixation of the work.

A large number of suction cups and variable frame clamps on the PRO MASTER ensure easy handling of highly varying workpieces. The drilling head is available with 16 spindles (standard) or 24 spindles (optional) for variable hole patterns. Both drilling units are equipped with integrated grooving saw. The tool sequence is optimized automatically by the machine software. And a traveling disk tool changer for 18 tools as well as the short clamp-to-clamp time make flexible work very easy with the PRO MASTER even with the basic equipment. Moreover up to 76 additional tool locations are offers depending on the application.

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Experience with HOLZ-HER machines - customer reference CNC Promaster
Positive experience with HOLZ-HER machines
Positive experience with HOLZ-HER machines

Success with the 5-axis PRO-MASTER 7125

Matt Carpentry Shop`s experience with  HOLZHER Pro-Master 5-axis CNC

The Matt Furniture Making Shop produces customer furniture for private and corporate customers. The performance range includes complete interior finishing such as built-in cabinets, counters, shelves and bathroom furniture. The company’s quality standards for material and craftsmanship have satisfied its customers for many years.

To maintain these quality standards in the technical equipment as well, the Matt Furniture Making Shop uses a CNC machining center from HOLZ-HER. In addition to the 5-axis CNC PRO-MASTER 7125 machining center, the company is also proud of its AURIGA 1308 XL edgebander.