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This link provides a list of frequently asked questions about efficient and simple furniture production with the new HOLZ-HER NEXTEC – divided up into the categories: EFFICIENT PRODUCTION, TECHNOLOGY & MODELS and GENERAL QUESTIONS.


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Answers on efficient furniture production

What is nesting?

Nesting means drilling, cutting and formating of panels in one clamping operation. In concrete terms this describes the capability of cutting various workpieces out of one panel - in one single operation. This technology significantly minimizes the work required for handling and machining.

Where did the name NEXTEC come from?

NEXT TECHNOLOGY: for panel processing of the future. This new machine concept once again proof of HOLZ-HER’s innovative capabilities.

What advantages does purchasing a NEXTEC machine offer for my carpentry shop?

One advantage of the new technology is the simple handling. This consists of three simple steps: Positioning - Adapting - Finished. Allowing production of custom furniture without programming work. The central feature is that this is not standard furniture - every workpiece can be custom designed.

Other central advantages, offered by NEXTEC CNC machines, include specific efficiency control, cost savings, increased innovative capability and reduction of personnel resources.

Who can profit particularly from NEXTEC?

Anyone who wants to convert their carpentry shop to a workshop of the future and produce furniture while reducing costs and saving resources. Regardless of whether large or small carpentry shops or industrial plants, the advantages of NEXTEC are obvious for everyone.

What is the difference in comparison to “conventional” nesting machines?

The primary differences in comparison to conventional CNC machining are that NEXTEC allows CNC machining without any programming work whatsoever. Among other things, this also means that cutting and machining plans are generated fully automatically. Another difference to conventional nesting machines (e.g. from HOLZ-HER) is the integrated Direct Cut feature. This feature allows a laser-supported direct cutting function for single cuts, also without any programming work.

How can the NEXTEC be integrated into my existing processes?

The NEXTEC offers you the possibility of upgrading or even partially replacing your present machinery.

NEXTEC takes care of panel cutting as well as drilling processes with one single machine. This means, for example, that you can replace existing old machines with one single NEXTEC machine: You get a saw and CNC machine in one. After machining your panels with the NEXTEC, the only work remaining is processing with an edgebander, where required, and final assembly.

Answers to NEXTEC technology and models

Positioning - Adapting - Finished. What does this mean in concrete terms?

The simplicity of the concept is expressed in these three terms, and is made possible by CabinetSelect, the heart of the NEXTEC.

Selection: Just a click of the mouse is all that is required to select the desired piece of furniture from the extensive CabinetSelect database and drop it into your cart.
Adaptation: Simple adaptation of the dimensions and quantities allows you to produce your own custom furniture. The required nesting programs are written automatically in the background. All you have to do is position the panel and press “Start”.
Finished: Just remove the finished work from the machining table and apply edging as required. And you are ready to assemble the furniture. Now it is only necessary to select the appropriate connection technology.

Which options can I integrate in my NEXTEC?

A popular option is the Clamex package for installing P-System cutouts in the surface and at the edges of the workpieces (patent pending). Another option is the label printer with barcode feature for marking workpieces.

Which software upgrades are available?

There are three major upgrade possibilities in the software sector:

  • CabinetControl Pro: Allows you to design complete rooms and represent them three dimensionally.
  • BetterNest free-form nesting: Highly efficient nesting, also for irregularly shaped parts, to obtain the maximum number of workpieces from your material.
  • CAMPUS office license: Software license incl. Hops7, CAD software and professional DXF import.
What is the difference between the NEXTEC 7705 and NEXTEC 7707 models?

The size of the machine and the concrete machining dimensions. Depending on the panel dimensions you use, you can choose the smaller NEXTEC 7705 (X=3100/3700 mm, Y=1580 mm) or the larger NEXTEC 7707 (X= 3100/4600 mm, Y=2200 mm).

What are the advantages of the NEXTEC 7735 models?

The 5-axis models NEXTEC 7735 offer even more efficiency and flexibility thanks to the 5-axis machining head for CNC nesting machining.

What is the difference between the classic and the push versions?

The classic version does not include any automation components.

The push version has various automation components: The standard model has an automatic discharge pusher with integrated evacuation as well as a stationary discharge table. The push version can also be equipped with an optional discharge table with conveyor belt.

And how do the lift and automatic models differ?

In addition to the classic and push models, the NEXTEC 7735 is also available as lift and automatic models.

The lift version has a lifting table with infeed roller conveyors.

The automatic version is the perfect solution for integration into an automatic panel storage system (e.g. the STORE-MASTER panel storage system from HOLZ-HER).

How can I know which model and which features are best for my requirements?

Our HOLZ-HER experts and our CNC product experts are always available for professional consultation. Detailed discussions, knowledge of the space available in your shop and your production requirements, allow us to present you with a custom offer to meet your specific requirements.

Answers to general questions

I am interested in a NEXTEC machine; how can I get in contact?

There are various possibilities to get in contact with us. You can send us an inquiry using the online contact form. The responsible HOLZ-HER expert will then contact you.

Another method is to use the expert search feature You can find the personal contact partner for your region and make contact by telephone. Our general sales hotline (+49 7022 702 207) is also available for you.

How can I find the right HOLZ-HER contact partner for my region?

With the HOLZ-HER expert search feature you can easily find the HOLZ-HER contact person for your region.

Where can I see the NEXTEC live?

You can either visit one of our NEXTEC events or make an individual appointment at one of our demonstration centers.

What will it cost to buy a NEXTEC?

The prices for the NEXTEC machines depend on the required equipment. This is why we offer you individual consulting services to make you an offer custom tailored to your requirements. For this purpose please contact your HOLZ-HER expert .

Videos on NEXTEC

The following videos are already available:

This is what the NEXTEC models 7705 and 7707 offer
NEXTEC 7735 - the 5-axis solution for new dimensions