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Your choice: NEXTEC Models

NEXTEC 7705 classic

The NEXTEC 7705 classic is the perfect solution for efficient carcass furniture production in small and middle-size carpentry shops: 
  • Machining dimensions 3,100/3,700 mm (X) and 1,580 mm (Y)
  • Drilling head with 14 or 24 spindles
  • Including software package and training
  • Optional discharge pusher with integrated evacuation and discharge table (push version)

NEXTEC 7707 push

For carpentry shops already operating with a higher degree of automation, the NEXTEC 7707 push offers an additional, convenient  discharge table with conveyor belt: 
  • Machining dimensions 3,100/4,600 mm (X) and 2,200 mm (Y)
  • Automatic discharge pusher with integrated vacuum
  • Stationary discharge table; also available with optional conveyor belt
  • Also available as classic version without automation components

Also available as highly flexible 5-axis version

NEXTEC 7735 classic

The NEXTEC 7735 classic offers all the functions of NEXTEC technology with the flexibility of 5 axes. Perfect CNC 5-axis machining at the highest level - and that simply and CNC-accurately.
  • Machining dimensions 3700/4600/6250 mm (X) and 2200 mm (Y)
  • Drilling head with 16 or 24 spindles
  • 5-axis milling unit: 10/12/17 kW liquid cooled
  • Software package and training included

NEXTEC 7735 push / automatic / lift

For joineries with a higher degree of automation, HOLZ-HER offers the perfect solution for every requirement with various automation variants
  • NEXTEC 7735 push with automatic pusher and conveyor belt
  • NEXTEC 7735 lift with lifting table and infeed roller conveyors
  • NEXTEC 7735 automatic for integration in an automatic panel storage system

Highlights of HOLZ-HER NEXTEC

The HOLZ-HER NEXTEC machining centers offer a complete solution for furniture production of the future thanks to their exceptional software package and numerous technical highlights. Here is an overview of all important features at a glance:


CabinetControl Pro - Perfect 3D room planning

DirectCut line laser

Free selection of connection technology

"BetterNest" - the optimum nesting software

Flexibility thanks to 5-axis head for the NEXTEC 7735

Highly flexible nesting table

Drilling head with upgrade possibility

Flexible tool changer 7705/7707

Flexibility in focus: tool changer 7735

LED machine logo

TouchTool length measurement

TouchProbe workpiece measurement

TouchLabel - overview of labels

Direct Label - integrated fully automatic label printer

The perfect solution for your entire range of materials

Excellent human engineering for ease of operation

Full utilization for safety and reliability

Integrated vacuum pumps