Weinig Group in Nuremberg: Added value through increased efficiency and intelligent operating concepts


The Weinig Group will be at the Holzhandwerk / fensterbau frontale combined trade fair with an integrated stand concept for solid wood and panel processing. The 1,600 m2 stand in Hall 9 will display innovations for window production as well as the current range for other woodworking segments. In line with the motto THINK WEINIG, the customer can obtain a full range which is unique in the market.

Planing and profiling: A series of premieres in Nuremberg

The Powermat 700, the new generation in planing machines and moulders, will make its debut in Nuremberg. To demonstrate the various innovations of the new machine, the Powermat 700 will be displayed in three different versions. What they all have in common is high levels of user-friendliness thanks to the machine's excellent accessibility and the multitude of tool-free settings when setting up the machine. With a spindle speed of 7,000 rpm as standard, the machine also offers a very high level of performance for the entry segment.

The beam planing machine is the optimal machine for processing larger dimensions up to a cross-section of 260 x 200 mm. The machine is equipped with a chamfering unit, CNC-controlled axes and machine space monitoring. This allows beams to be processed in different dimensions and with different chamfering thicknesses without stopping the machine.

A Powermat 700 will also be exhibited that fulfills all requirements of small businesses, offering an affordable entry into the world of Weinig moulders. Memory Plus controls allow setting values to be saved, ensuring perfect reproducibility of profiles. 

The third machine is the window version, which represents the optimal solution for window manufacturers for planing scantlings, removing blank glazing beads and profiling beads. PowerCom controls also allow the machine to be integrated into the entire production process, so that parts lists can be forwarded to the moulder and processed.

The Powermat 1500, which combines all the benefits of the Powermat 700 and is aimed at customers with higher performance requirements, will celebrate its global trade fair premiere. Thanks to the PowerLock tool holders, the machine covers a variable speed range from 4,000 – 12,000 rpm with a maximum feed speed of 40 m/min. The fact that the Powermat 1500 is equipped with CNC-controlled axes and machine space monitoring allows a multitude of adjustments and positionings to be performed fully automatically. For those settings that must still be made on the machine by the operator, the SmartTouch set-up aid offers significant added value: The tablet shows the operator the required set-up information where it is needed, namely on the machine. And storage points on the machine mean that the operator's hands are free to work safely. 

The Cube is now a proven machine and remains highly sought-after. The four-sider, notable for its intuitive operation, automatic positioning and work pieces perfectly planed on four sides in a single throughfeed, has now captured its own market segment. In the Cube Plus, a further evolution will be presented this year that offers even greater customer benefits. The Cube Plus is equipped with a large touchscreen display for better operation. The new design of the EasyLock tools means noticeable noise reduction for the operator, with knife changing still performed in the machine without disassembling the planing head. For applications in hardwood, there are alternative spiral planing heads with reversible knives. To perform precise setting of the straightening spindle following a tool change, the Cube Plus offers fine adjustment on the front of the machine. The automatic stacker at the outfeed of the machine ensures profitable one-man operation.

The Weinig System Plus will be seen in its entirety for the first time in Nuremberg. The centerpiece of the system, which connects the processes during work preparation, is the Moulder Master software. This creates profile and tool drawings and prepares profile production through to "virtual set-up" of the moulder. The profile knives are then ground on the new Rondamat 1000 CNC grinding machines fully automatically from the raw blank. Operator intervention is only required on this machine during set-up since processing, including changing the grinding wheel, is fully automatic. The ground tools are finally measured on the OptiControl Digital measuring stand. Thanks to the camera system and helpful measuring functions, measurement of the reference points is performed in a very short space of time. Measurement information is prepared by the Moulder Master and, finally, the measurements are forwarded to the moulder. Thus, the Weinig System Plus provides a completely paperless process sequence with short throughput times, minimal risk of errors and a perfect first work piece. All exhibits on display can be experienced live on the Weinig stand.

Window production: Greater efficiency throughout the entire process

Weinig will underline its leading position in wooden and wood/aluminum windows in Nuremberg, achieved through the upgrading and consistent optimization of existing systems, which have proven themselves in practice. A flagship product is the Industry 4.0 platform, which is synonymous with intelligent production and has been broken down by Weinig to meet the requirements of window manufacturers, particularly in small businesses, thus increasing customers' capacity for value creation. The basis, in line with Industry 4.0, is an integrative, modular overall control concept, which is already available in all Conturex series today.  As a complete provider, Weinig is ideally placed to offer an overall solution, comprising mechanization, which links the cross-cut saw with the pre-planing machine and downstream Conturex CNC processing center. Integration of the UNIPIN gluing and dowel inserting machine is also possible. Visitors to the stand can experience the efficiency of the concept for themselves via the window version of the Powermat 700 on display, the ideal machine for planing raw scantlings for processing on the Conturex, removing blank glazing beads and profiling all bead types, such as cleats, cover strips and glazing beads. 

Another first at fensterbau / frontale will be the presentation of window-sill gluing on the Unipin 200. Weinig's outstanding solution for gluing window corner joints represents a further contribution towards perfect wooden window production from a single source. An innovation that takes into account the high demands on quality on window corners.

During the trade fair, window specialists from Tauberbischofsheim will demonstrate how optimal networking of mechanics and software can offer maximum utilization regardless of the system size. Only one data set is required for all components of the system. The central computer allows the logging of all necessary production data. This includes production data as well as relevant machine status details, such as machine running times and status feedback from axes, sensors and actuators or feedback on the current production status of the work piece. Going forward, integrated sensor technology will also support servicing and fault analysis. 

Individual modules of the modular Conturex system demonstrate Weinig's high levels of flexibility in the performance classes and during complex processing. The entire Conturex family can cover all necessary networking according to Industry 4.0 standards. Demonstrations will show, for example, how the use of a tool wash system outside of production hours saves money, and how cutter use is recorded in running meters for optimal cutter changes, thus achieving further benefits. An additional intelligent solution is the integrated glazing bead removal, which marks a significant step towards full automation.

The entire performance spectrum of the Conturex CNC centers will be represented on the stand by the Conturex Compact. The machine combines solid German mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art control technology. The Weinig window specialists will also be on hand to advise on the CNC system range, which represents a profitable alternative to individual machine concepts with high flexibility and performance. Such systems are already proving their capability with leading window manufacturers throughout Europe. 

The trade fair exhibits will be completed by the Multirex five-axis surface processing machine. The machine specializes in the series processing of door elements and round arch parts. However, the machine can also be used flexibly in mixed operations for all CNC processing.  

Cutting: Work more conveniently, produce more efficiently

Weinig innovations in cutting predominantly originate from cross-cut saws. The "OptiCom Pro" operating panel is now standard with all saws. The panel has the same dimensions as its predecessor, the OptiCom Direct, but has a 30% larger screen (diagonal measurement) and provides double the resolution. 

In the new EasyStop longitude fence system, Weinig offers owners of manual processing machines the capacity to implement simple automation. Likewise, the new version of the OptiCut S 60 pushfeed saw allows operators to cover a cross-section of 280 x 225 mm for the first time, thus positioning themselves on the cusp of the high-performance class. As a complete provider, Weinig also opens up the potential to make cross-cut saws even more productive with scanner technology. In the CombiScan Evo and EasyScan+, two models will be on display that offer improved detection performance and have immediately established themselves in the market.  

From Weinig's wide range of rip saws, exhibits in Nuremberg will also include the FlexiRip longitudinal circular saw with the new EasyStop as well as the UniRip and VarioRip multi-blade buzz saws. The latter is equipped with the innovative RipAssist Pro optimizing width optimization. The series automatically measures the board width of edged timber. The software itself has also been upgraded and can now also optimize combinations of fixed arbor setups (several fixed saw blades) and adjustable saw blades. The BKS band saws will also be in Nuremberg to exhibit their further improvements in operating comfort.

Finger jointing: Spotlight on wood savings and productivity

Weinig's finger-jointing expertise will be presented virtually in Nuremberg. Those interested should make inquiries with the Weinig experts on the stand. They can tell you, for instance, about the numerous innovations in progress at the Alfeld plant since the start of the year. Products range from the new GlueEye Vision glue application detection system for flat finger jointing lines with visual representation of recorded images, to the new automatic tool wear detection for package finger joint units. The Trimsaver, which significantly reduces chip removal size and has previously achieved wood savings with flat finger jointing lines, is now also available for package finger joint units. In addition, from mid-February, the front-end presses will receive a performance increase of more than 20%. The new generation of Conti presses will allow up to 15 press cycles of 6.1 m.

Panel processing: Weinig Group on the rise

The Weinig Group stand also offers visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest developments and innovations covering all aspects of wood and panel processing. Holz-Her will also be represented with a wide range of exhibits including edge banders, pressure beam saws, vertical panel saws and CNC processing centers.

Store-Master 5110: Intelligent panel handling

The Holz-Her Store-Master 5110 panel storage system enables significant increases in efficiency. The solution protects the materials and reduces handling costs while also relieving the burden on a company's most valuable commodity, its skilled personnel. Each Holz-Her panel storage system is precisely tailored to individual customer requirements.

Upgrade for vertical CNC processing

In the vertical drilling and milling centers of the Evolution series, the EVOLUTION 7405 4mat will receive a newly-developed package of upgrades in time for the trade fair. The system will now offer even more processing options within the same compact dimensions. Naturally, all EVOLUTION models are equipped with the CAMPUS/NC-Hops software. A 22.5" monitor in 16:9 format provides a constant overview of operation.

High-end edge banding: Special trade fair edition

The optical zero joint is universal with Holz-Her from entry level to industrial class. Visitors to Nuremberg can see this for themselves. Based upon the best-selling Auriga 1308 machine, Holz-Her is offering the new "PUR-Edition" especially for the trade fair. The fully-equipped special models offer perfect technical solutions for efficient edge banding with PUR zero joints. Visitors who also process laser edges will also find the right solution from Holz-Her. The stand will combine the best from both zero joint worlds with everything visitors could wish to see from the revolutionary LTRONIC System for laser edging.

Solid wood processing: Powerful 5-axis technology 

Built for high demands and with high quality equipment packages, Holz-Her 5-axis CNC machines are ideally tailored for the target user groups. The principal differences lie in the processing dimensions. The PRO-MASTER 7125 console table offers processing lengths in X of up to 5,440 mm and can perfectly process work pieces of up to 210 mm in height from the upper edge of the vacuum suction unit. The PRO-MASTER 7225 for genuine 300 mm work piece height can even be supplied in up to 7,220 mm in length. This even enables long components for staircases, conservatories, etc. to be processed without a problem. Even large door elements can be processed highly efficiently and effortlessly in pendulum operation.

CAD/CAM: Innovative 3D software solutions

The requirements of modern operations in terms of machine controls are now greater than ever before. In the new 3D-MASTER software Holz-Her provides a universal and innovative CAD/CAM solution, specially developed for requirements in wood and plastic processing. The connection of intelligent saw/storage combinations uses a similar principal. Holz-Her also impresses in this area with a fully-integrated software solution. 

Panel diving saws: New TECTRA for high material throughput

In the new TECTRA 6120 Dynamic and Lift pressure beam saws, Holz-Her has extended its range of models with two additional solutions for series production. The TECTRA 6120 Dynamic, with its 6250 mm cutting width is ideally equipped for charging via the STORE-MASTER 5110 panel storage system.  Thanks to the newly developed precision lifting table, the TECTRA 6120 Lift is perfectly suited to charging with complete stacks of panels. 

The Weinig Group: Everything from a single source

In addition to its comprehensive range of machines and systems for solid wood processing and panel processing, the Weinig Group will also be providing information on its extensive service offering. Specialists will be on hand in Nuremberg from the Pre-owned Machines, Service, Concept (Engineering) and Finance teams to answer any questions.  We will also be presenting the Weinig App, which is becoming increasingly popular as a standard tool for woodworking professionals thanks to its tremendous added value. 


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