The PUR zero joint edition models - Streamer 1057, Auriga 1308XL and Sprint 1329


Flawless finishes with the PUR zero joint edition models. These edge banders have what it takes. Besides complete processing of all common edges, the zero joint edition models are leaders when it comes to repetition accuracy and automation levels. Incidentally, they can also master zero joint finishes with all edge types and are rightly among the most widely sold edge banders worldwide.

An often under-estimated argument is simple and reliable processing of PUR adhesive with the Glu Jet glue application system. Only Glu Jet offers you the combination of a high-strength, watertight connection with a zero joint finish.

On the one hand, the highly viscous PUR adhesive is forced into the panel pores under high pressure, creating a strong hold between the edge and the carrier material. On the other hand, the scraper in the nozzle comb ensures that the adhesive can be distributed from the "mountain" into the "valleys" during pressing at the pressure unit, thus creating a razor-thin joint scarcely distinguishable from the joint quality when laser edging - and everything is also watertight!

The benefits of the PUR adhesive are immense, offering you the best visuals with all edge materials. PUR adhesive binds chemically and, after hardening, can no longer be re-activated like EVA adhesive, for example. This explains the watertightness of PUR. You simply cannot get a stronger connection between panel and edge with other types of adhesive.

Cleaning the gluing station is child's play. The flush button releases a special PUR neutralizer that you can obtain from all major adhesive manufacturers.

Overview of all benefits:

  • Top quality
  • Zero joint with
  • PUR adhesive
  • High-strength
  • adhesive connection
  • Watertight quality
  • High heat resistance
  • Simple cleaning

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