Automation components

Automation components of the DYNESTIC 7532

In-feed area (1)

  • Entry roller belt with integrated belt conveyor. Perfect for combination with the STORE-MASTER 5110 panel handling system.
  • Alternative solid scissors-type elevating table with light barrier control. Ideal for handling complete stacks of panels.

Charging unit (2)

  • Pull-in mechanism for automatically positioning the panel on the nesting table. Including automatic lateral positioning on stop bar.
  • Optional with second vacuum circuit and additional suction cups for heavy material and various panel widths.

Discharge pusher (3)

  • Software controlled discharge pusher with integrated evacuation. Motor-driven height positioning for cleaning the finished nest and wearing plate.
  • Integrated under-floor evacuation at the end of the machine table.

Discharge area (4)

  • Discharge conveyor belt with light barrier control and foot pedal.
  • Optional with motor-controlled dust collection over conveyor belt for cleaning panel surface.

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