The NEXTEC - technology from HOLZ-HER

All important information about the new NEXTEC - technology from HOLZ-HER

An innovative, exclusive software from HOLZ-HER forms the basis of the NEXTEC technology. This involves selecting the required cabinet type directly on the machine monitor by mouse adjusting the carcass dimensions and selecting the required panel material as well as the number of units to be produced.

NEXTEC - The revolution for you Shop

The new NEXTEC from HOLZ-HER revolutionizes the way how joineries work and makes joineries equipped to be best prepared to meet the dares of the future. The machine allows enormous flexibility and the highest user friendliness. Precision and operational reliability are guaranteed by the use of high quality components like covered hardened and precision ground linear guideways on all axes. NEXTEC machines dispose over extremely stiff machine frames and supports for excellent processing results. The precision ball bearing spindles for the X and Y axes and the helical gearings prepare the way for a high precision work over the whole lenght of the machine. Only HOLZ-HER CNC is offering 10 years of warranty on all linear guideways!

NEXTEC is a complete solution for presenting furniture in a contemporary way, produce efficiently and sell effectively. The series is available in different models and is provided with various automation components.

In three steps to the finished furniture


  • A click on the mouse is enough to generate the CNC programs for all single parts fully automatically and with panel optimization.


  • Now simply position the required raw panel on the NEXTEC machining center and press program start. The CNC does the rest: perfect formatting, drilling of all vertical holes and grooves - and on request the real highlight, milling the Lamello-p-system cutouts on the edges, as well as in X and Y directions on the surface. No convertion, no loss of time or quality!


  • The fully machined workpieces are now taken from the machine table, if necessary edged and the furniture carcass is assembled using Lamello-p-system connectors.

Milling pockets for the Clamex connector

Smart factory module for NEXTEC

Process step 1: CAD

NEXTEC offers different ways of CAD processing to meet each need of your customers individually. Besides the entry-level version Cabinet Select also the professional version Cabinet Control is available. The most important advantages of both versions are listed below

Cabinet Select

  • Selection of pre- constructed cabinets
  • Variance of measures, quantities, material and fittings
  • Compatibility with Cabinet Control

Cabinet Control

  • Independent configuration of cabinets
  • Construction and design of cabinets
  • Interdependent definition of materials and fittings

Process step 2: Automatic generation of pieces

During the second process step, the base for the production is created. CNC programs are created automatically in the background and integrated in the parts list. This step initiates the automatic transfer to the third process step, the production. 

Process step 3: Production

During this third process step, the previously defined orders are organized and launched. The sorting takes place by material and/or planned process time. Furthermore the orders and jobs can be deleted. Important: the machine operator decides on the sequence of the orders. 

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