Technical Data NEXTEC 7735 classic

Here are all important features at a glance:


MachineNEXTEC 7735 12.7 / 15.7 / 20.7 classic

Machining dimensions
in X-direction
in Y-direction

3700 / 4600 / 6250 mm
2200 mm

Vector speed128 m/min
5-axis cutter unit

10 kW, liquid-cooled, 1.000 – 24.000 rpm

Optional: 12 kW, liquid-cooled, 1.000 – 24.000 rpm

Optional: 17 kW, liquid-cooled, 1.000 – 24.000 rpm

Drilling head L

Drilling head L
16 spindles (10 V | 6 H), incl. sawing unit in X direction 

Drilling head XL

Optional: 24 spindles (18 V | 6 H), incl. sawing unit in X direction

Optional: Double drilling spindle in Y direction

Optional: Vertical drilling spindle with double positioning force

Workpiece support

16 / 32-field-vacuum, software controlled

Safety equipment

Light grid

Optional: 3-field foot mat

Workpiece clamping

500 m³/h vacuum pump, low maintenance dry-running version

Optional: additional vacuum pump

Optional: 250 m³/h dry-running pump
Optional: 500 m³/h dry-running pump

Tool changer

14-position pick-up tool changer in the machine frame

Optional: Second 14-position pick-up tool changer

Optional: 18-position disk tool changer (at pick-up point), moving

Optional: saw blade changer, moving, with tool cover

NEXTEC moduleWarehouse NEXTEC incl. CabinetSelect
DirectCutLine laser X/Y direction, incl. software

CAMPUS software machine licence incl. aCADemy CAD/CAM module and CabinetControl Base

BetterNest rectangular nesting

Optional: BetterNest free-form nesting

Optional: CAMPUS software office licence

X = Not possible